The board members of Wolvercote Young People’s Club are appointed annually and include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and five committee members.


Being a board member is extremely valuable to the Club and each one has a particular responsibility, freeing up the youth workers to focus on youth work.


Judith Secker - Chair

I’ve been on the WYPC Committee for four years, initially with responsibility for policies and staffing then taking over as Chair from July 2016.


Joining WYPC felt collegiate – it’s a thriving group of committed and forward looking people each bringing great experience to the table. At the time I described it as the opposite of a rat leaving a sinking ship! Since then the Club has gone from strength to strength. We have built a close relationship with Ruskin College's Community Development and Youth Work degree in Oxford and with Oxfordshire Youth, the organisation which supports youth work and young people across the county.  So now the Board has a wider cross section of experience, our young people get more varied programmes and activities and, best of all, our staff and volunteers, especially Senior Youth Leader, Kristie Waller, bring expertise we couldn't have dreamt of when we started. I'm proud of that!


My most recent work experience is in personnel management and equalities at Oxford University. Prior to that I spent 20 years as a trade union organiser in engineering, construction, electricity supply and the health service. My voluntary experience includes setting up and chairing a cooperative day nursery in South London and working with various women’s equality groups. Until recently I’ve been a member of the committee organising the Wolvercote Festival and intend to continue to help with the festival as a non-committee member.

Jean Fooks - Member

As the County Councillor for Wolvercote, I have been very keen that the Club should continue despite Oxfordshire County Council’s funding cuts back in 2010. I have been an observer at board meetings ever since and provide the link between the two organisations, setting up meetings with officers from the Council and presenting the case for as much financial help as possible. It has been a great joy to see how the Club has developed to work with not only young people from Wolvercote and Cutteslowe but also further afield in the city where there was no youth provision.

Will Richards - Pledge secretary

As a previous member of WYPC I was keen to ensure the Club survived and I’ve been on the committee now for over 10 years, having previously filled the roles of Chair and Treasurer. I enjoy being part of the local community through the Club, ensuring that young people have a safe and inspiring place to come to. I was particularly involved in the transition from it being council-funded to self-funded and I’m keen to continue with fundraising to keep the club alive and thriving. I work full time for a homeless charity but you don’t need any relevant experience to become a board member, all you really need is a passion for the Club and what it provides to the local area.

Jeremy Hudson - Treasurer

I am Treasurer of the Club as well as one of the Trustees.  I have been doing finance work with various charities, large and small, for nearly 20 years, and currently work as Finance Manager for the Woodcraft Folk, a charity which runs local groups and activity centres for young people all over the country.
I have been with the Club for 5 years now and have enjoyed seeing it grow and prosper.  Providing activities, support and challenges for young people has never been more important.  We have a great set of trustees and staff, really committed to their work, and, although there are undoubtedly challenges ahead for the Club, I feel confident that we are well-placed to deal with them

Jim Duthie

Tony Hewlett

I joined the club as a member in 1948. I stayed until 1960. As I lived in Wolvercote I returned to the club to run the under 9’s football team, until they were 15’s. During this time the 70’s I joined the Management Committee. When funds were withdrawn in  2011 with some of the committee we negotiated to keep the club running. I now serve as a trustee on the board.